there is no car made regardless of how state-of-the-art that does not have some blind spots. This makes you and your passengers susceptible to accidents. A rearview mirror hidden camera can offer higher vehicle security and protection-some thing we can all is a summary of the cool skills of this camera, how it works and what it can do to help you.the first camera, the rearview digicam, is a 1/four inch digital CMOS colour digital camera constructed in with a slot that uses an 8GB SD card to report photos. you may burn up to a 16GB SD card. It additionally doubles as a video/audio recorder with a digital video recorder.To playback your pictures sincerely take away the SD card and insert in your pc’s SD card is able to rotate 330 tiers to view anywhere you want. Face it ahead or flip it to view internal your car. you could continuously record what takes place in the front of the automobile or in the vehicle.the second digicam is a wi-fi outside camera that you can set up on the rear dash or attach to the outdoor of the auto.This extremely excessive tech camera has a 3.6 inch thin movie transistor liquid crystal show display at the replicate that lets in you to immediately playback video and watches it in actual-time at 30 FPS. you may pick between watching the the front or the outside digicam with the touch of a button.This rear view replicate digicam has a built in rechargeable battery. you may run it off your car’s auxiliary cigarette lighter. you can additionally recharge the battery with the aid of plugging into your pc the use of the included USB wire.The mirror installs easily into your vehicle by clipping onto your existing internal rear view reflect.It has superior decision with 420 television traces and more than a few up to three hundred toes. you could password protect your recordings if you select. guide switching from one camera to the opposite is accomplished with a touch of a button.up to sixteen hours of recording is available. The overwrite function permits you to keep to file once the cardboard is complete by means of deleting antique fabric mechanically. The cameras will operate at any temp from minus ten levels to a plus eighty ranges. It even has a constructed in microphone.With carjacking fast turning into a severe problem, this high tech tool can help record what passed off in a carjacking and perceive the terrible guys.want to look what your youngsters are doing using your vehicle? this is one manner to discover.